Transformers: Dark of the Moon

PG-13 2011 | Sci-Fi and Fantasy Action Adventure

The Autobots and Decepticons are at war, the U.S. government's playing cover-up, and goofy Sam Witwicky has found another impossibly hot girlfriend - it's everything we know and love about those smash ‘em up, crash ‘em up robots in disguise in their third trip to the big screen with director Michael Bay. And if you thought Optimus Prime was a bad ass, wait ‘til you get a load of his long lost mentor, Sentinel Prime.


Oscar 2012 Nominee in 3 categories including Best Visual Effects

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Move over, Megatron: Dark of the Moon features the first human villain in the Transformers franchise. Nice work, Patrick Dempsey!
  2. That's what friends are for: Michael Bay was initially opposed to the idea of filming in 3-D, but James Cameron talked him into it.
  3. Dark of the Moon was based on a Transformers novel titled "Ghosts of Yesterday." Both good titles, but we really prefer "ROBOTS IN SPAAAAACE!"
  4. As a nod to the voice of Sentinel Prime - the one and only Leonard Nimoy - the script for Dark of the Moon includes several Star Trek references.
  5. Saving travel time: the movie's scenes set in the Ukraine were actually filmed in Gary, Indiana.
  6. Reduce, reuse, recycle: 532 cars with flood damage were donated to the production free of charge and destroyed in various awesome ways on screen.
  7. Genius inspiration: the character of Wheeljack is modeled after Albert Einstein.
  8. Although Sentinel Prime is voiced by Leonard Nimoy, his physical design was inspired by Sean Connery.
  9. Inspiration + perspiration: Michael Bay came up with the idea of the Driller's destruction of the skyscraper while doing stomach crunches.
  10. To convince fans that he was truly, seriously, for reals not going to include "dorky comedy" in Dark of the Moon, Michael Bay made a public $25,000 bet that the Twins would not appear in the film.
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