The Dictator

R 2012 | 83 mins | Comedy
Mistaken identity, assassination attempts, star-crossed love, camels... really, is there anything The Dictator doesn't have? Ruthless leader Admiral General Aladeen leaves his tiny republic of Wadiya for a trip to the Big Apple, where he'll find an adventure in slapstick and satire that just may threaten the future of geopolitical peace. Also, Megan Fox appears as "herself."

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. If it ain't broke: Sacha Baron Cohen re-teamed with director Larry Charles, who also directed Borat and Bruno.
  2. What you didn't see: there's an additional 15 minutes in the unrated cut of The Director.
  3. What they didn't see: the 83-minute theatrical version of the film was shortened to 71 minutes before the film could be shown in the country of Uzbekistan.
  4. Making an entrance: Sacha Baron Cohen was banned from attending the 84th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, after arriving on the red carpet in character as Aladeen and pranking Ryan Seacrest on live television.
  5. Jon Stewart always gets the answers: in an appearance on The Daily Show, Admiral General Aladeen revealed his first name to be "Shabazz."
  6. Funny ladies: before Anna Faris landed the role of Zoey, both Kristen Wiig and Gillian Jacobs were considered for the part.
  7. No (fake) dictators allowed: the production was not allowed to film scenes inside the UN Headquarters. Sacha Baron Cohen claims they told him, "we represent a lot of dictators, and they are going to be very angry by this portrayal of them, so you can't shoot in there."
  8. Help from his friends: Martin Scorsese, who directed Sacha Baron Cohen in the film Hugo, appeared on SNL's Weekend Update as a "hostage" of Aladeen.
  9. We're number one! Aladeen's character trait of a nearly always extended index finger was reportedly inspired by Fidel Castro, who often points in his speeches.
  10. Betcha didn't know: the turquoise sports cars that appear in the film's NYC motorcade are a reference to similar cars owned by Ana Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's ruling family.
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