Sam Kinison Back From Hell

TV-MA 2010 | Comedy Stand-Up
A star-studded cast of comedians including Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin and Denis Leary gather to pay tribute to the man who turned rage into an art form. Filmed in part at Sam Kinison's familiar Los Angeles stomping ground The Comedy Store, this documentary weaves performance footage and interviews to offer some fresh perspective on a truly original voice in comedy.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Before hitting it big with his fire and brimstone comedy act, Kinison traveled the country as a Pentecostal preacher. So the next time you're at a revival sermon, remember that the guy calling you a sinner might end up on The Tonight Show.
  2. Kinison's first appearance on Late Night with David Letterman came with this introduction/warning from Dave: "Brace yourselves. I'm not kidding. Please welcome Sam Kinison."
  3. Sam wore his evangelist heritage proudly-even sporting the personalized license plate "EX REV" on his car. We're guessing "PENTECOSTAL PAST" wouldn't fit.
  4. Kinison once dated Penny Marshall, who wanted to cast him in her directorial debut, Jumpin' Jack Flash. Whoopi Goldberg reportedly put the kibosh on the idea-center square makes room for no one.
  5. The music video for Kinison's novelty recording of "Wild Thing" was a huge hit on MTV, thanks to star-studded cameos including Steven Tyler, Billy Idol, Tommy Lee and... Jessica Hahn? Hey, it was the '80s.
  6. Atta boy, Clarence: Kinison appeared as Al Bundy's guardian angel in a Christmas episode of Married with Children called "It's a Bundyful Life."
  7. Kinison "appears" (voiced by Craig Gass) in the 2003 comedy Pauly Shore Is Dead, offering Pauly career advice. Even a guardian angel can't solve everything.
  8. You know you've made it when there's a female parody of you: Kelly Coffield portrayed the character "Samantha Kinison" on the sketch comedy show In Living Color.
  9. The 2005 Keira Knightley film Domino shows the Sam Kinison Monument in Needles, California-which does not, in fact, exist. It was a foam prop built specifically for the movie.
  10. Kinison's final resting place is with his family members at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His grave marker includes the epitaph "In another time and place he would have been called a prophet." Of course, plenty of people called him that in his own time and place.
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