R 2012 | 95 mins | Action Crime Thriller

When you're a tiny genius mixed up in a mafia war, there's no better friend to have than Jason Statham. 12-year-old Mei remembers every number she sees - a big help in math class, but not such a great parlor trick when a Chinese mob boss decides you're the best way to transmit secret codes, and even worse when the Russian mob comes after you, too. Enter disgraced former special agent turned disgraced MMA fighter Luke Wright, who's got a heart of gold and nothing to lose.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Betcha wouldn't have guessed: writer/director Boaz Yakin also wrote the screenplay for Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.
  2. Close to home: Big Apple born-and-bred Yakin studied filmmaking at City College of New York as well as at NYU.
  3. What were you doing at nineteen? Yakin had his first screenplay deal under his belt before he turned 20.
  4. Famous classmates: Yakin graduated from Bronx High School of Science, where Jon Cryer was also a student.
  5. East Coast state of mind: Yakin chose to shoot Safe in Philadelphia and New York City.
  6. Beating the crowds: filming on Broad Street took place during nights and early mornings.
  7. Save on airfare: a classroom scene in China was actually shot using a Catholic School class in downtown Philly.
  8. Fancy pants! The Bloomfield Estate in Villanova, PA stood in for the mayor's mansion in the film.
  9. Just change the signs: scenes taking place in both the Dekalb Ave and Canal St subway stations in NYC were actually filmed at the Cortland St station.
  10. Recreate the shot for yourself! The getaway scene coming out of the subway was filmed on the corner of East Broadway and Rutger Street.
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