Rocky II

PG 1979 | 119 mins | Drama Action Sports Films

Remember when Apollo told Rocky there wasn’t gonna be no re-match?  Yeah, well, apparently neither did they.  This heavy-hitting sequel picks up right where the first Oscar-winning boxing flick left off – with Apollo’s split-decision victory over the “Italian Stallion."  Turns out, Apollo’s none too pleased with his sullied rep, and after a few personal jabs, Rocky steps out of retirement and into the ring for another shot at the Heavyweight title.  Throw in a wedding, a baby, and an awesome training montage, and you’ve got a blockbuster combo that tugs at your heartstrings and delivers a knockout finale.  And best of all – the return of Balboa’s battle cry, “Yo, Adrian!”


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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Movie math: the ring announcers declare that it's been ten months since Rocky's first fight with Apollo Creed, but the films were actually released three years apart.
  2. Best field trip ever: Rocky's run through Philadelphia included approximately 800 local schoolchildren.
  3. Suffering for his art: Sylvester Stallone tore his right pectoral muscle while training for the movie, and was forced to film the climactic fight scene while still badly injured.
  4. He's more than just a screenwriter: Sylvester Stallone himself penned the Rocky II novelization.
  5. Until you get it right: together with two editors, Sylvester Stallone took more than eight months to cut together the final fight scene.
  6. Better than a cost of living raise: Stallone made $23,000 for the original Rocky, and earned a fat ten million for Rocky II.
  7. Movie magic: although we see Rocky do a series of one-handed push-ups in the endurance workout scene, in reality Sylvester Stallone only did a single push-up that was looped over and over again.
  8. Did you know: Rocky's smaller, quicker sparring partner is real life champion fighter Roberto Durán.
  9. Rocky's a reader: the book that Rocky reads to Adrian is "The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County," an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel published in 1940.
  10. Old school: in an early draft of the screenplay, Rocky's epic final fight took place at the Roman Colosseum.
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