No Strings Attached

R 2011 | Comedy Romance

Can two super hotties hook up and still be friends in the morning? Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman struggle with love's oldest conundrum in this raunchy rom-com, directed by comedy legend Ivan Reitman. For Adam and Emma, having fun between the sheets isn't a problem - it's avoiding the emotional fallout (and oh-so-helpful advice from their opinionated friends) that's sure to follow.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. What's in a name? Elizabeth Meriwether's screenplay was originally called Friends With Benefits - but another rom-com with the same name was on the production horizon, so this one became No Strings Attached.
  2. The Name Game, Part Two: some early screenings were also held under the title Hooking Up.
  3. Banana-fanna-fo-fame: No Strings Attached was shipped to movie theaters with the code name "Dos." As in two - the two super-hot leads it takes to tango.
  4. Stay home and watch your sports, fellas: opening weekend audiences were "overwhelmingly female," to the tune of 70% lady types, 30% their husbands, dates, or smart single guys knowing where to find the action.
  5. Move over, Bill Murray! This is director Ivan Reitman's first R-rated film since Stripes (that's 30 years if you're counting).
  6. Keep your eyes peeled for Mr. R (as in Reitman) in a cameo as the director of the TV show Ashton Kutcher's character works on.
  7. Kevin Kline actually wrote and composed the birthday song he performs in the film. Oscar winner, funny guy, family man - nobody likes a show-off, Kev.
  8. She's not just an actress! Natalie Portman joined the film as a producer, before being cast in the lead role. Hey, Nat? See above, re: show-offs.
  9. Product placement, perfected: Ludacris and Jake M. Johnson enjoy some Conjure brand cognac in one scene. Conjure just so happens to be owned by Ludacris.
  10. Whether you call it casual sex, hooking up, or no strings attached, Ivan Reitman thinks it's a sign of the times: "I noticed from my own kids that with this generation in particular, young people find it easier to have a sexual relationship than an emotional one." Um, coolest dad ever?
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