Mystic Pizza

R 1988 | 104 mins | Comedy
For some of us, pizza is a pretty good substitute for love, but waitresses Daisy, Kat and Jojo are looking for the real deal. Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor star as blue-collar pie-slingers searching for romance in this 1988 romantic comedy set in the tiny town of Mystic, Connecticut.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Screenwriter Amy Holden Jones was passing through Mystic, Connecticut when she was charmed by a local pizzeria, and the inspiration for the film was born. We've been saying for years that the surefire cure for writer's block involves pepperoni.
  2. When making your pilgrimage to Mystic Pizza (located at 55 West Main Street), don't expect to see many familiar surroundings from the film. It was mostly shot in neighboring Rhode Island.
  3. Continuity crazies: early in the film, Julia Roberts picks up a half full pitcher of beer to serve with a piping hot pizza, and by the time she reaches her patrons the pitcher is full and foamy. It's a beer-acle!
  4. Future Oscar winner alert! Mystic Pizza is Matt Damon's feature film debut. His best bud Ben Affleck reportedly also auditioned for the role.
  5. Affleck shouldn't feel too badly about losing the part, as Damon only had one line. At the dinner table his character asks, "Mom, do you want my green stuff?" Just think, without those seven words we might not have Jason Bourne, Will Hunting or that catchy (but naughty!) viral video with Sarah Silverman...
  6. Film critic Roger Ebert praised the film, even referring to Annabeth Gish as "a young Katharine Hepburn." Sadly, he overlooked Matt Damon's performance altogether.
  7. The 1996 comedy Puddle Cruiser features college kids watching Mystic Pizza because they heard Julia Roberts gets naked in it. (She doesn't. Sorry.)
  8. On the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, Jenna packs on the pounds after starring in a musical stage version of Mystic Pizza, because the role requires her to eat 32 slices of pizza per week. Best. Job. Ever.
  9. Everyone's favorite Pepperidge Farm cracker, Finn the Goldfish, lists his favorite movie as Optimistic Pizza. Really? We'd have bet on Duck Soup.
  10. The film's tagline is "a romantic comedy with the works." Hopefully that doesn't include anchovies.
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