Little Witches

R 1997 | 91 mins | Drama Sci-Fi and Fantasy

At Santa Carlita Academy, a Catholic all-girls school located high atop a cliff over the sea in Northern California, quiet, demure Faith has just learned that she will have to spend her Easter break at the school. Along with Faith will be Jamie, the school's resident trouble-maker, who will do her very best to corrupt Faith's virtue. Joining the two girls is hopelessly vain Nicole, pudgy and weight-obsessed Erica, computer nerd Kelsey, and Gina, a silent type. The Academy is undergoing repairs for earthquake damage and when a construction crew led by young, hunky Daniel discovers a body in a secret chamber hidden for over one hundred years, the girls become curious about the church's ancient past. They learn that a secret society, the Illuminati, once used to worship a demi-god called He Who Comes. However, its members all mysteriously burned to death and the baptistery was somehow sealed shut. Later that night, Jamie, Nicole, Erica, Kelsey, and Gina decide to sneak into the chamber and have a séance to call forth the spirits of the Illuminati. When an aftershock from the earthquake causes a stone to fall loose, a book of spells written in Latin is exposed to the curious girls. Led by Jamie, the five girls begin dabbling in the occult, re-creating the magic spells once cast by their sisters, the Illuminati.


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