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Within the halls of his high school Dave Lizewski is a nobody but he is about to crank his nightlife up a notch. Armed with a sweet costume and nothing better to do, Dave takes to the streets to fight crime as Kick-Ass, the world's newest superhero. Even without special powers or a score to settle, his exploits take the internet by storm-and soon he's got a team of masked vigilantes by his side and one very real super villain to take down.

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  1. Rights to a movie version of the comic book were secured before the first issue had even hit the shelves. You could call that a gamble, or you could call it knowing a bankable idea when you hear it.
  2. My way or the highway: when several studios showed interest in the film but wanted to tone down the violence or make the characters older, director Matthew Vaughn opted to finance the project independently.
  3. Of course, it helps to have friends with deep pockets. Brad Pitt, who starred in the Vaughn-produced Snatch, pitched in to help finance the film as a co-producer.
  4. Before Nicolas Cage nabbed the part, Mark Wahlberg and Daniel Craig were also considered for the role of Big Daddy. We're betting Cage's sweet 'stache helped tip the scales in his favor.
  5. In addition to his aforementioned stellar lip-warmer, Cage also drew inspiration for Big Daddy from superhero royalty: Adam West's campy portrayal of Batman.
  6. In the movie, Nicolas Cage asks Chloe Moretz to name John Woo's first feature film. Too bad the answer was neither Face/Off nor Windtalkers - both of which starred Cage.
  7. Co-stars Nicolas Cage and Lyndsy Fonseca share the same birthday, January 7th. Sure hope craft services was prepared with double cupcakes.
  8. The comic book store in the movie, Atomic Comics, is modeled after a real store owned by one of director Matthew Vaughn's friends.
  9. Also modeled after a friend of the director: a billboard of Claudia Schiffer you can spot behind a lurking Big Daddy. Schiffer is Matthew Vaughn's wife.
  10. Before being cast as Red Mist, Christopher Mintz-Plasse auditioned for the role of Kick-Ass. But if the guy known 'round the world as "McLovin'" has learned anything about fame so far, it's that you don't have to be the leading man to become a superstar.
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