Janeane Garofalo: If You Will

TV-MA 2010 | Comedy Stand-Up EPIX Originals
Actress, activist, comedian Janeane Garofalo returns to her stand-up comedy roots in this sold-out special shot at Seattle's legendary Moore Theater. The former Air America Radio host and star of film and television hits "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," "Reality Bites" and "24," delivers her trademark unapologetic riffs on the downside of sobriety and not wanting children, being unemployed and the sheer perfection of Natalie Portman. No one is spared her biting insights, least of all herself.

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  1. Everybody's gotta start somewhere: before breaking into stand-up and sketch comedy, Garofalo paid the bills as a bike messenger, a temp secretary, a waitress and a shoe salesperson.
  2. Garofalo credits David Letterman as one of her early inspirations to write comedy. She returned the favor by guest hosting for Letterman when he was sidelined by heart surgery in 2000.
  3. Garofalo's big TV break came with The Ben Stiller Show - which was unfortunately cancelled after only 1 season, despite winning an Emmy for its hilarious writing.
  4. Live from New York, it's... not all it's cracked up to be. Garofalo went on to the big leagues of sketch comedy, Saturday Night Live - but left after her first year. She's since been vocal about her dissatisfaction with the experience.
  5. Garofalo has her own production company called "I Hate Myself Productions." Who needs self-esteem to be a Hollywood mover and shaker?
  6. She turned down the roles of Monica on Friends and Gale Weathers in the movie Scream - both roles that went to Courteney Cox instead. Wonder if she was ever courted by David Arquette?
  7. Garofalo shared the screen with Uma Thurman in the romantic comedy The Truth About Cats & Dogs, but it wasn't easy. At five feet tall, Garofalo often had to stand on a box just to be in the same frame as her 6-foot co-star.
  8. Nicotine loves company: Garofalo and fellow comic Margaret Cho hold each other directly responsible for their smoking habits, after touring (and lighting up) together on the comedy club circuit.
  9. Garofalo once got married at a drive-thru wedding chapel in Las Vegas because she and her then-boyfriend thought it would be funny. You gotta admire that kind of commitment - to the joke, if not to the relationship.
  10. Alternative chic(k): in addition to being a vegetarian, Garofalo has 15 tattoos, including one on her arm that says "think." Because you can't spell "think" without "ink."
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