Jackass 3: The Director's Cut

NR 2010 | Comedy

Forget slasher movies and sci-fi flicks - THIS is why 3D was created. Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of mischief-makers bring you all the jaw-dropping stunts and guffaw-inducing pranks you've come to expect over the past ten years, but in a way you've never seen before. Super high-def slo-mo, we salute you.


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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. How time flies: Jackass 3D marked the 10th anniversary of the ball-bustingly pranktastic franchise. How those guys survived a full decade of blows to the head (and crotch) is beyond us.
  2. Keeping it in the family: the Jackass boys' fellow MTV alumnae Beavis and Butt-head provide an introduction to the film, explaining how to use 3D glasses.
  3. Always wondered how to capture awesome in mind-blowing detail? At 1,000 frames per second, that's how. Phantom high-speed cameras were used to create the film's colorful opening sequence.
  4. Knoxville spawn alert! Johnny's daughter Madison makes a cameo during the nostalgic end credit sequence, which is set to Weezer's "Memories."
  5. If at first you don't succeed... "The Lamborghini Tooth Pull" was originally slated to appear in Jackass Number Two, and was actually shot with Bam Margera's uncle Vincent. Ehren McGhehey re-shot the stunt for this film.
  6. Willy Wonka meets The Wild Bunch: cameraman Lance Bangs was wowed by the 3D experience, saying "Everything in 3D looks as brightly colored as candy... [it's] like watching everything through a viewfinder."
  7. In a show of solidarity to Steve-O, the cast and crew went booze-free during filming. As Johnny Knoxville stated, "there is no beer on set this time around even if some of us wish there was." Nobody loves you like your bros.
  8. We said DURING filming. On the movie's promotional tour, Bam Margera was grounded at a New Zealand airport for being too drunk to fly.
  9. Invading your personal space: the gang used 3D footage of "The Helicockter" stunt to pitch the movie to execs at Paramount Pictures. Mission accomplished, fellas.
  10. With an estimated $50 million at the box office, Jackass 3D broke the record for the most successful fall opening ever. It's true what they say: no one can resist a jackass roller-skating with a buffalo.
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