PG 2011 | 126 mins | Kids and Family Adventure
Based on the bestseller The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Martin Scorsese's film unlocks the secrets of a young boy who lives inside the rafters of a Parisian train station. As the boy collects clues that could lead him to a connection with his late father, he uncovers a new mystery: one that's a feast for both the eyes and the soul.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Who knew? The film was co-produced by Johnny Depp under his Infinitum Nihil banner.
  2. Clever cameo: director Martin Scorsese appears as a photographer snapping a portrait of a young George Melies outside his new studio.
  3. Record setting hat trick: cinematographer Robert Richardson's Oscar win for the film makes him one of only 2 living cinematographers to win the award 3 times.
  4. Unchained melody: the guitarist who appears early in the film is modeled after Belgian musician Django Reinhardt.
  5. Lit students, take note: in the train station, Isabelle recites the poem "A Birthday" by Christina Georgina Rossetti.
  6. Accolades a-plenty: Hugo led the nominations at the 84th Academy Awards with 11 total, and took home five Oscars including Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction.
  7. Breaking a trend: this was Martin Scorsese's first feature film since 1999's Bringing Out the Dead NOT to star Leonardo DiCaprio.
  8. We didn't think he had it in him: Hugo marks Martin Scorsese's first PG-rated film since 1993's period drama The Age of Innocence.
  9. He should know: James Cameron was wowed by a screening of the film, telling Martin Scorsese that it was the best use of 3D he had ever seen.
  10. No small feat: the opening shot of the film required 1,000 computers to render the graphic effects, and one year to complete.
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