PG 1964 | 110 mins | Action Adventure
In this installment, 007 protects America's gold from the malicious Auric Goldfinger, who intends to sully the supply with atomic radiation. The favorites are all here: stout henchman Oddjob, the laser beam aimed at 007's crown jewels, the Aston Martin, and two words that make Sean Connery's lips curl ever so slightly: Pussy Galore.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Oddjob actually did a good job in the 1948 Olympics. Harold Sakata won a silver in Weight Lifting for Team USA.
  2. During the filming of the Fort Knox fight sequence in Goldfinger, 007 did a number on his back. Some claim that Sean Connery used the injury to get a bigger better deal out of the producers to star in the next James Bond film. Others aren't saying anything, but probably thinking the exact same thing.
  3. Goldfinger was a world-record setter. The movie made cinematic history by recouping its production costs in record-setting time when it was released in 1964 and was entered in the famous Guinness Book of World Records to mark this achievement.
  4. In the Ian Fleming novel Goldfinger the character Pussy Galore was a lesbian which explains why she didn't give the dashing James Bond the time of day. And to answer your next question... No!  The character was actually named after Fleming's pet octopus, Pussy.
  5. For Goldfinger, a perfect recreation of Fort Knox was built without ever having set foot in the famous repository. The set at Pinewood Studios looked so real that a 24-hour guard was hired so that thieves would not steal the gold bar props.
  6. Actor Sean Connery was so committed to his wife, actress Diane Cilento, that he refused to remove his wedding ring while filming Goldfinger. In order to portray the very single James Bond, Connery covered his ring with a skin-colored bandage.
  7. Although a number of scenes in Goldfinger were set in the United States, actor Sean Connery never traveled to the county to film them. Every scene in which Connery appears to be in the USA was filmed at Pinewood Studios in England. For the extremely observant, this explains why the lights comes on when Bond flips a light switch down, opposite to how it works in America.
  8. It was so good they used it twice, once in Goldfinger and then again in Thunderball. The Aston Martin DB5 had the usual gadgets: a bulletproof shield, machine gun, ejector seat and could spray oil. It's just like mine.
  9. In almost every scene, the character Goldfinger wore either a yellow or gold item of clothing. The one exception was the scene where he sported a US Army Colonel's uniform... Then again, he was wearing a golden revolver.
  10. At the ripe old age of thirty-seven, Goldfinger actress Honor Blackman was the oldest Bond Girl to ever star in a 007 film.
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