The Running Man meets Pac-Man in this action-packed extravaganza.  Set in a future-world where videogames and entertainment have evolved into a real-life bloodsport, this film follows "gamers" who use mind-control over real-life convicts.  They're then forced to battle each other to the death before a global audience.  300's Gerard Butler stars as Kable - a death row inmate thrust into the spotlight as the game's most popular unwilling player.  Puppeteered to fight against his will, Gerard must survive long enough to escape custody, free his family, and save mankind from its own ruthless technology - and this time around, he doesn't have 299 Spartans to help him out.  Ridiculous?  Sure.  But, with slick visuals and more explosions than Halo fragfest, this rollercoaster ride is more fun than a barrel of gun-toting monkeys.


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