Annie Hall

PG 1977 | 93 mins | Drama Romance

When most people hear the name Woody Allen, they think of two women: Soon-Yi and Annie Hall. Fortunately for Allen, his legacy in cinema had been cemented with the latter long before the former came along. With Oscar wins for best director, best picture and best actress for the radiantly quirky Diane Keaton, Annie Hall struck a chord with audiences outside of erudite Manhattan film houses-and with good reason. Sure, we get the standard dose of neurotic Woody-isms, but we also get a sweet, sad, hopeful tale that reminds us love is sweet, love is sad, and if we're lucky, love is downright funny.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Somehow Anhedonia doesn't have the same ring to it as Annie Hall. The working title of the film was considered unmarketable and I'd say unmemorable. Diane Keaton is probably thinking the same thing.
  2. Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" has been widely assumed to be semi-autobiographical. Allen has denied this. However, the film starred Allen's former girlfriend Diane Keaton whose legal last name just happens to be Hall and her nickname is Annie. So what do you think?
  3. Audiences found the cocaine sneezing scene so funny - Woody Allen decided to leave it in and even lengthen it so no one would miss any of the subsequent jokes.
  4. "Annie Hall" was actress Sigourney Weaver's screen debut. The alien slayer had a non-speaking part as the leading man's date near the end of the movie. That is, if you can call Woody Allen a leading man!?
  5. In case you forgot Woody Allen was once a stand up comedian. You can catch some of his act in the University Wisconsin and Dick Cavett Show scenes.
  6. With a running time of 93 minutes, "Annie Hall" is the shortest movie to ever win an Academy Award for best picture. Proof that, sometimes, less really is more.
  7. One would hope the fellow referred to as "the winner of the Truman Capote look-alike contest" in the film "Annie Hall" would not be beaten in any such contest. Would the real Truman Capote standup? Yep. It really was him.
  8. While women across America flocked to retail outlets to emulate Diane Keaton's style in "Annie Hall," Keaton needed to look no further than her own closet, since that is where the clothes came from originally.
  9. Editor Ralph Rosenblum revealed that originally a traffic sign urges Alvy to return to California to win Annie back. A traffic sign? Woody Allen thought the same thing and cut the scene. He hated it so much that he disposed of the film permanently - it's swimming with the fishes of the East River.
  10. Premiere Magazine voted the line "Hey, don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love." one of The 100 Greatest Movie Lines. Playboy and Penthouse Readers might also embrace this declaration.
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